Double Loop Collar Standard

The Double Loop Collar Standard, with a width of 45mm, is designed for sighthounds & dogs with similar head & neck girth. It features an interlocking structure that maintains a loop shape even when it’s loosened, ensuring effortless application for dog owners.

Fine Leather & Fun Colours

Crafted from premium full-grain calf skin & lined with soft calf suede, the Double Loop collar offers exceptional comfort. The subtle contrast stitching along the edge adds durability & a touch of style.

Available in four different sets of contrast colour ways, each collar features a hint of bright colour in the lining.

24K-Gold-Plated Hardware

The Double Loop Collar is equipped with 24K gold-plated solid brass hardware in a mirror-polished finish.

The carefully rounded edges of the rivet's head ensure a smooth, pebble-like surface, protecting your dog's hair & skin from scratches and discomfort, making every wear of this collar a comfortable experience for your beloved pet.