We are an independent pet lifestyle brand based in London. Our products focus on sighthounds in urban scenery, providing elegant & practical solutions for their daily city life.

The Name

Our brand is named after Twinka the whippet, a beloved 7-year-old London girl, whose gentle spirit captivate all who know her.

So subtle is her presence that it's common for us to ask, "Where is Twinka?" around the house, especially in moments of absent-mindedness. This question has become so deeply woven into our daily lives that it doubles as our household WIFI name.

Yet, amidst Twinka’s quiet demeanour lies a source of joy for those in her circle - her remarkably healthy gut. It's been a running joke amongst our circle of friends to exclaim "Twinka! Oof!" after bearing witness to her proud & unapologetic feats of flatulence.

The inclusion of the French word "OÙ" in our brand name, meaning “where” in English & phonetically resembling the sound of “Oof!”, not only honours Twinka’s gentle nature, but also serves as a playful nod to the classic Twinka moments.

The Starting Point

At the heart of TWINKA OÙ is a passion for crafting products that cater specifically to the needs of sighthounds like Twinka. It all began with a simple observation – while there were plenty of collars specialised for hounds available on the market, they often leaned towards a more utilitarian & outdoor style, lacking the elegance that Twinka & her fellow city-dwelling hounds deserved.

With Twinka as our muse, we set out to design products that not only provided functionality but also exuded a sense of style befitting the urban landscape.

The Design & The Crafts

At TWINKA OÙ, we take immense pride in the design & quality of our products.

As dog owners & product designers, we understand that functionality is paramount when it comes to products for pets, which is why practicality always takes precedence in our design process. We are discerning when it comes to selecting materials, holding ourselves to high standards for the wood, metal, leather, & fabric utilised in our creations. (Yes, more products are on their ways!)

We dedicate ourselves to perfecting every detail, tirelessly polishing each aspect until it meets our exacting standards of excellence. We strive to create products that foster joy & companionship for both humans & their beloved pets.

Photography credit: Shin Miura;

A special thanks to Change of Pace Studio, Maria Hamer, Rui ZhangPedro Beça, & Charlie Zha;

And to four-legged Goblin, Mabel, Mondo, & Otto.